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Anne Nordhaus-Bike Art Collections

Shop for artwork from Anne Nordhaus-Bike based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Artwork by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Anne Nordhaus-Bike "Like the ancient alchemists, artists work with tools on the material plane to create something to lift us beyond the material. Art inspires us, and changes us, as it works on every plane of our being."

Anne Nordhaus-Bike is an award-winning artist working in multiple media, from photography and watercolor painting to mixed media, music, and video. Her work is inspired by nature, astrology, art, and mysticism. Her art has been featured in numerous solo and group shows throughout her career as well as various arts programs and presentations. Her work also has been published in periodicals and books and covered in numerous print and broadcast media. She received a degree in art history, with honors, from the University of Chicago in 1981 and went on to launch a fine arts column that ran for two decades in a Chicago newspaper. Anne lives with her husband and cat in Chicago, where she continues to create art and enjoys cooking, tai chi, and spending time in nature.


I am a painter, photographer, and mixed media artist. I make art to touch and inspire others through beautiful colors, luscious brushwork, and exquisite papers.

Through art, my soul can speak, in tangible ways, about beauty and passion and all the other deep things within us all.

The mystery of made things fascinates me, even after decades of looking at, studying, and creating art. I want to show others what intrigues me, help them see through my eyes and hear the echoes of my soul within their own.

I have loved inventing and making things since I was a child. In high school, one of my prints won a Scholastic Gold Key art award and was exhibited locally. That success led to painting and design commissions and inspired me to major in art history at the University of Chicago. Soon after, I launched a fine arts column in a local newspaper, which ran for 20 years.

The early 2000s marked my deepening interest in nature and spirituality, which continue to influence my art and public appearances. In recent years, I returned to watercolor as a primary medium, and most recently I have been working with mixed media.

I continue to explore the mysteries of life and art as I experiment and follow my evolving artistic and soul inspiration.

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